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 2002 DAKO News & Update

Dec 25 2002

Merry Christmas to all

Nov 24 2002

Happy Thanks Giving to all

Dec 04 2002

DBBB festival was great, meet up some great friends, enjoy warm of the gulf coast weather, hope to see more of DAKO members to joint next year. Don't forget to check out few of photo DBBB at photo page.

Nov 21 2002

The DAKO T-shirt get one step closer to complete, Again thanks Lisa for all the hard work.

Now taking order and accepting payment for the T-shirt, Any Question Please email to Trung

DBBB at Galveston start next week, few of DAKO members will be there, Hope everyone can make it there.


Oct 14 2002

OSOW turned out great, lot more people showed up, Some came from a long drive. Wind strong when the event start at 9am, but later on it died out a little, we had to share the field with soccer player, but they did not bother us at all, we has a blast, Big Raptor, Pilot, few delta, and dragon kite went up, stunt kites, quad line was there, even we has fight out there, couple buggy was there, some tried out with the buggy and some did not need the buggy :-)  , What a Blast, Hope we can do that again next year. Thank you for everyone showed up.

Oct 13 2002

One Sky One World, Special event we all get together to decorate the sky, fly many kites possible, to meet up friends, meet new friend, to have fun, Hope to see everyone at Breckenridge Park in Richardson.

Oct 02 2002

DAKO T-shirt one step closer, We need to know how many we going to order the t-shirt, Please email Trung, Paul or Bob the quantity you wanted. Also a remind to everyone, Sunday Oct 13 2002, One Sky One World, World Wide Mass ascension for Peace at Lake Ray Hubbard (Elgin B. Robertson Park, Highway 30 and Dalrock), Hope to see everyone there.

Sep 25 2002

The making of DAKO T-shirt in on the way. Thanks Lisa and Bob for all the work.

Sep 23 2002

Sunday, the day after the Plano Balloon Festival, wind picked up nicely, Troy Gunn and his team came to Breckenridge Park to practice team fly, They put up a great show, Few DAKO members showed up, Pyro, Skyfoil, Delta, Box kites showed up in the sky, cars pulled in the parking lot and watch, That was fun. Wish Troy and his team have a safe and fun trip to Twain, Thank you to anyone showed up for the fun. (One Sky One World 10/13/2002 around the corner, please mark your calendar for that day, big fun fly.)

Sep 21 2002

Plano Balloon Festival was a blast, great to meet up all old friend, wind was not smooth but we all has fun, City Plano put out a nice show, balloon launch and the fire work show was awesome. Hope we can all do that again next year. (Big Thanks to Troy Gunn for all the VIP pass, Thank you to everyone came out the festival put up with the sun and the wind)

Sep 20 2002

Plano Balloon Festival start this weekend and going to be a nice weekend ahead, Hope to see everyone out there. Plano Balloon Fest website , Kite will showing up at viewing area by the stage.

Sep 08 2002

Weekly fly Sep 07 2002, turned out great, met few new flier, some try out and learning quad line, dual line. We decorated the sky with home made Pyro kite, box kite, sled kite, box delta kite, kite laundry, and even a home made a Rev from Mickey flew good. Weather going to be cooler so we going to have a lot more weekly fly, hope everyone going to be there for the next fly.

Aug 26 2002

Plano Balloon Festival coming up soon right around the corner, We need to find out Who's going to be there. Please email Trung to get the VIP pass (DAKO members only) by this Friday.

Aug 25 2002

Encourage everyone to visit our web-site at:
to register for a chance  to win a free A.K.A. membership to be given
away several times a year. No purchase necessary, only one entry per
person, per drawing please. In the comment box please write in Free
Drawing . Indicate if you are a current member or non member on your
Visit to learn of the benefits of becoming a A.K.A.

Thanks Stan & Gloria Harmon
Rainbows 4 Sail

Aug 17 2002

It was a great day for kites. I got there just before 8 AM and Trung
already had his Pyro and a foil in the air. I got my big Rok up, then
Dan and Paul showed up and put their Gems up, I got out my new Rev,
Trung brought out his Rev2 and a Gem, and the Fly was on! Super wind and
cool temps until about 11 when then temp started going up. Wind got
stronger and we flew a Legacy with a 100 foot tail. Great day!
I only wish more could have made it.
Rick Bentley

Aug 16 2002

This weekend look like going to be nice weekend, let get together on sat 17 2002, Hope to see everyone there.

Location: Breckenridge park in Richardson, Time: 8am to 01pm

July 21 2002

Just got an invitation from Rainbows 4 Sail (Stan and Gloria)

National Kids Day

Date: Sunday August 4,2002
Time 4-7:00PM
Location:  Ennis Boys & Girls Club
1211 S. Clay St.  Ennis TX.

July 20 2002

DAKO unannounced get together, Warm day, but did not stop Dan, Paul and Rick, they start out early at 9 am, schedule for 2 pm, wind up and down all morning, glad to see Mickey, Karen and Edgar came. Mickey pulled some trick with his new MiniGem, it was cool, It was a warm fun day, warm wind better than no wind, let hope we can do this small, unannounced get together soon.

July 19 2002

Hey everyone,
It's been a while since we have gotten together to tug on those kite lines together.  We will watch the weather and see if it looks like Mr. Weatherman will give us some good winds and weather for Saturday July 20th.  Watch your mail Friday evening for an update, on time and location and come join in the fun.  No special event, just a time for DAKO members and guests to get together. Take some time off to relax and renew the enjoyment of flying your favorite kites.

July 06 2002

Just received a offer donation from Rainbows 4 sail (2) banner polls, now we can showoff the banner for all even we go to, Thank you Stan and Gloria (Rainbows 4 Sail) and Welcome to DAKO.

July 04 2002

Happy July 4, See y'all at City Lancaster Festival (Directions: From I 20 proceed South (Lancaster Ave.) approx. 2-3 miles. Event on the left side of Road, just past Cedar Valley College, also on the left.  Schedule of Events: 8AM-1PM Cardboard Boat Regatta;1PM-6Pm Performances by No. TX. Battle Group (re-enactments of famous Navy battles with Radio-controlled boats.) Parade of ships every hour! 6:00PM Patriotic Program 6:30-9Pm Entertainment & Live Music Featuring "Hot House"  Dazzling Fireworks Display at Dark!  Attractions:  Bounce Houses, Prizes, Games, Balloon Art, Face & Hair Painting, Concessions, Arts & Crafts.  Winds permitting: Kite flying demos)

July 03 2002

Just add some new photos from Wild Flower Festival, Thank you David Cherry from NM for those great shot. City Lancaster festival on July 4, Kiting, Food fun and firework. Have a Great and Safe July 4 weekend.

June 20 2002

Wild Flower Festival in Richardson was great, beside the thunderstorm moved in. Great to see everyone there, Gayle, Steve, Paul, Dan, Brett, Eden kites group...... , David from NM and lot more.

June 27 2002

Got this one from Paul:

Had a wonderful time at the Outdoor Adventure Days sponsored by Dallas
Museum of History. Celeste Sauls was a gracious hostess and made our
stay very comfortable......Thanks Celeste! Winds were light Saturday so
it made demonstration flying of some Pryo Kites and large Rok's alittle
difficult but all in all fun was had. I got to meet Bob and Roy and
their respective spouses from Arlington TX. Bob had brought with him his
Daughter and his Grandson............Good People! Before Eddie and
myself left for the day got to see Trung and Bob get into some Fighter
Kite Bob was winning when we left. Look forward to flying
with these folks again soon. Thanks Again Celeste.
Keep 'em in the air.................Paul Castleberry

June 21 2002

Dallas Museum of History event runs from 11am-04 pm on Sat and Sun, Gate should be open at 08am so you can load in your supplies whenever it is convenient, Please inform at the gate that you are participating in the festival at the Museum, Any question Please call Celeste Sauls (cell 214 770 3568)

June 20 2002

Just Add July 4, City of Lancaster July 4 Festival at Lancaster, TX . More info Please contact RainBow 4 Sail.

Hope to see everyone this weekend June 22 and 23 2002 at Dallas Museum of Natural History, Next weekend at Wild Flower festival in Richardson, TX

June 18 2002

Get ready for June 22-23 2002 Outdoor Adventure Day at the Dallas Museum of Natural History (Fair Park, Dallas) , Please drop Trung Tran an email to let him know a head count for that day, to get lunch for every one going to be there.

June 17 2002

Thank you JOTS to invited DAKO to Annual Fathers Day Picnic. Great to see everyone there and a great day with wind and great friends. Hope next year going to be a bigger event.

June 16 2002

Jewels Of The Sky Proudly presents its annual Fathers Day Picnic.

Russell Creek, Plano TX (At the Pavilion) from 12 noon - 4 PM. Direction: North on Highway 75 to McDermott Drive, West (left) 5 miles to Russell Creek park, left into park, the left towards the Pavilion, More info please contact JOTS


June 9 2002

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Cara Blackman for the invitation and the opportunity to fly our kites this past Saturday as part of the Lewisville “Summer Blast” at Lake Park.  They set aside an area towards the lake just beyond the Classic Car Display for us to fly which gave us automatic front row view of the Water Skiing performances.  It was a fantastic day with good winds and for this time of year not bad temperatures. 

We were joined for a little while by a few members of another area Kite Club,  “Jewels of the Sky.”  Larry and Henry brought their wives and helped fill our skies with tricks and precision flying.  What a colorful sky it turned out to be.

To those members who missed out on this fun engagement, we can only say,  “You sure missed a great time.”  Wish you could have been there to participate with those of us who had such a terrific and enjoyable day.

Also on the scene was a mobile kite store “Rainbow 4 Sail” owned and operated by Stan and Gloria Harmon.  Their colorful banners, flying wind sails and all the other things flying on display around their Mobile Store drew lots of curious people, many whom were dropping some of their money to acquire some neat merchandise.

We know there wasn’t a lot of notice for this event but keep watching DAKO’s site for other upcoming Kiting Events.  Don’t get caught missing out on the fun the next time.

The “Summer Blast” had many activities going on around the park.  Everything from Carnival Rides, Classic, Antique, and Show Cars on display,  Dragsters, Classic Car Burnout Contests, two Water Ski Shows, great Frisbee catching Show Dogs trying to get their masters to perform to their desires, as well as various types of food and drinks.  We apologize for leaving out so many of the other activities.

The skies became very colorful with all the various kites in the sky.  The Large single line kites such as the Pyro, Delta, and the Roc could be seen from one end of the park to the other.  It was a huge turnout for the “Summer Blast” and we appreciate so much being invited to be part of the party.

Now, mark these dates in your little black book so you don’t miss these next up and coming events.  We are all invited to come Fly our Kites at “Outdoor Adventure Day at the Museum of Natural History” at Fair Park Saturday and Sunday, June 22 and 23.

Then on June 29 come enjoy kite flying at the Richardson Wildflower Festival.  Lets all get reacquainted and meet our new members.  Happy Flying and Smooth winds to you all.


June 6 2002

Sat June 08 2002,  Family Fun flight at Lake Lewisville, Things to do for kids, funs and foods on site. Direction: North on I35, Exit on Justin , right to the Lake Park road follow the kite ($5 parking fee), free parking at soccer field with free shuttle to the park. Map

May 19 2002

Thank you for everyone came to the fun flight this weekend, Special few of our friends made a long drive (La and Tyler) came to joined us. Great Friendship, good wind and nice weather, let do that again soon.

May 18 2002

Fun fly weekend May 18 2002, Folks from La will be here to join DAKO for the fun fly Hope to see everyone at Breckenridge Park in Richardson..

May 09 2002

Mark Your calendar for June 22-23 2002 Outdoor Adventure Day at the Dallas Museum of Natural History (Fair Park, Dallas), Please let me know who can come and join us there. (Lunch will be provided)

May 03 2002

Another Fun fly weekend, Please Bring family and friend to Breckenridge 11 am-3pm.

Mark your calendar, June 29 2002, EDEN Kites invited DAKO for Wild Flower festival in June, now it posted on schedule link.

May 02 2002

Just in: DAKO fliers

Thank you Brett Schneider (Arrow Printing Company) for a ton of new DAKO fliers.

Please let me know if anyone need more fliers

.April 27 2002

Fun flight (Sorry for short notice), Bring family and friend to Breckenridge 11am-3pm

April 23 2002

Mountain View College Earth day festival.

Paul Castleberry, Eddie Bynum and I got invited to Mountain View College.
Nice day, wind strong, not smoth at all.
Got there at 9 am, set up couple single kite with some laundry, look notice in the blue sky.
Paul, Eddie got there set up few rev, we has fun try to learn team fly.
Kites gave away , lesson on quad and dual line for students.
Thanks Cathy Edwards and Akilah Davis for invited us and the lunch :-)
Thanks Paul and Eddie to help out to make the festival smooth and entertainment.

April 16 2002

Desoto kite festival

Forecast for Saturday without rain.
I came to the festival just little late, 252 Sutton sure mark it's spot in the sky, and it's help me to find the festival. (Thanks Eddie from Austin).
The skies filled up with kites, big one, little one, dual line, quad line and it look really great.
Nice to see Dr Gayle Woodul, Troy Gunn, Steve, Eddie (Austin),Team EOL (Austin), Waren&Sandra (Eden Kites), Dodd Gross, Brett Schneider, Doug Hine, Paul Castberry,  Eddie Bynum, Chris (Newtech kite), Carol Walker, Robert Bond, ........ and a lot more ( i could not remember all, sorry).
Paul did nice job to find and help newbie's , introduced DAKO.
Thanks everyone for showed up, Eden Kites, The Desoto Chamber of Commerce, and many more.
Let do this again next year.

April 14,2002

 Cedar Hill Kite Festival

This was the first time that I went to the Cedar Hill Kite Festival. It was a warm day, and the winds were up and down.

I had a chance to meet Doug ( Garland), Bob( Arlington), and Ronnie (Carrollton) and family. I hope we can meet again.
Bob showed me some cool fighter kites.
Doug showed me his home made buggy. It looks very cool.
I showed off with some Rev flight, and tried to get Doug and Ronnie hooked :-)
Let's meet again, everyone, and do some more flying soon.
Smooth wind
April 06,2002
 First meeting of DAKO and WOTR
Thank-you to everyone who came out while it lasted. ( 30 minutes before the rain came)
We moved to the covered pavilion to stay dry.
It was nice to meet Curtis and Paul again. I made new friends ( Dan, Kevin, Eddie, and Gary )
Curtis could not stand still. He put the Flashlight kite together and had fun in the rain for a little while though.
We hung out for about an hour and talked about kite stuff. ( Everything we could come up with )
I look forward to meeting up again when there is nice weather. We really can decorate the sky.