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Noisy Dynamite kite repair instruction

With kite assembled, first ensure Leading edge secure line has the le as tight as it can be. Be careful of ripping the LE Dacron loop.

Remove leech line loop from knock and untie.
(Leech line is the line that runs thru the trailing edge of the kite)
Loop over knock, pull, but not too hard, line up section of line with section coming out of the trailing edge. About 1/2" from where the leech line comes out of the trailing edge, mark both sections of line with thin point magic marker.

Take out Standoffs from Lower spreader.
Pull on the new leech line loop to give you enough room to tie a knot on itself, right on your marks.

This is a good time to check that the leech line runs free the entire trailing edge.

Hold leech line loop in one hand and with the other grap the first Standoff connector on the sail. Pull the leech line a tiny bit to check that it is not pinched by the connector or sewing. In most cases, it is only pinched.

Check the center, and inside connectors, then repeat process on other side.

Place new loop over knock. Ensure it is under leading edge secure line.

Its ok to have a little bit of wrinkles in the wings of the sail due to the leech line being tight, but not too much.

Hope that helps



The "M" Cheat line

The "M" cheat line I first designed for the Pro Jam, remember that one? I wanted a cheat line that would keep the fly and bridle lines off of the keel, allow for the wing tip wraps to be unwrapped easily, and, allow the kite to rotate easy in a turtle, thus the loops and the "M" shape of the line.
Just thought that may help.
The bungee in the middle allows the individual wings to move, which a standard cheat line tied from wing tip to tip does not allow.
They are easy to make:

Cut two 10" pieces of 50-100# braided Dacron and make them into 5" loops. These will attach at the center standoff position around the plastic sail stay connector.

Cut one piece of bungee, about 8" long, tie a knot on the each end and center at the spine. If you have a tube or hollow spine connector, run it through there. Should stick out about 4" on each side.

Now simply take a piece of line, tie a loop, larks head to the end of the leading edge tension line, go thru the loop, down to the bungee, make another loop at the end of this line and larks head it to the bungee, it should pull the bungee a bit, but not too tight. Repeat on the other side.

Its easy!

Good luck




Dynamite Active Bridle