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Dallas Area Kitefliers Organization

About Our Name

Dako is the Japanese word for kite. By borrowing this word, we honor and celebrate the contributions of Japanese Kiters over the centuries. Our goal is to live up to their high standards of art, craft and sportsmanship.

The Dallas Area Kitefliers Organization welcomes you to join us. We intend to play with that unseen force known as the wind, is it a breeze, zephyr, Chinook, thermal, gust, gale, blast, or spirit? Come fly with us for the art, fun, science and wonderful of it. The kites we fly have single lines, dual lines and quad lines representing all types of modern kiting, Isnít it time you got in the tangle of a kite line?

DAKO is the place for Kitefliers get together, to make friends, to have fun.

Come fly with us!

We fly every fourth Saturday each month, weather permitting. Our fly locations and schedule will be posted on the website. There will also be a link to a list of regional, national and international kiting events.

Flying location

We fly primarily at :

Breckenridge Park in Richardson, Brand road and Renner road.

Elgin B. Robertson Park on lake Ray Hubbard, Highway 30 at Dalrock.

Lake Springfield Park in Rowlett, Lake View Parkway and Centerville.