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Kite Club

The Breaking Wind Kite Club was created for the purpose of providing "wind powered pleasured" for anyone with a desire to participate. It is a down to earth club, geared towards being fun for all kite fliers, from first timers to pros. We provide a wide range of kites for people to fly at our "Kite Flies", including single line, dual line, quad line and foils. Of course, anyone who wishes to fly a kite of their own is encouraged to.

The club meets to fly (and soon do some kite fighting) on the first Sunday of every month, weather permitting. The usual spots to fly are Oak Grove Park, at Grapevine Lake, and behind the shop, But we and interesting places to fly are always being sought after.

Signing up for membership in the club is simple, especially there are no fees. Breaking Wind sponsers all of its Kite Club activities. To become a member, all you have to do is come down to the shop, and register with us. We will then provide you with a Pilot # and a Kite Club ID with both your photo and your pilot # on it.

Interested? Then come down to the shop and fly with us, we'll be waiting...