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Take your time, patience is the word, but it
doesn't take long to get the idea.

Too make it simple

1- take time with the lines, watch the way
they come off the winder. The sleeving is marked, I make mine black with red stripe (right side bottom) black with white stripe (left side bottom) white with red stripe (right side top)

2 - have decent wind

3 - give yourself lots of room , to both sides of you and behind, you will notice at first that you will most likely back up quite a bit.

4 - Without another rev flier helping you
just make sure you have room for the beginning mistakes, most of the time it will be at the edge of the wind window.

5 - use just wrist movements at first. the thumbs back for launch, then forward to bring the kite back down to land.

6 - an extra tip, the day before just put the handles in your hands, and get yourself trained to tilt them forward and then back.
Not that this is required, but at least you will have some kind of experience in the movements using the handles.

The handles in the correct position will have just a little of the stainless steel near the top, then the cushion, with most of the ss at the bottom.

7 The vertical rods go behind the sail, that is the opposite side of the bridle. make sure that the pig tails and not tangled in themselves.

8 - I'm sure you fly dual lines already, but at least for the first day, leave them in storage and concentrate on the rev.

9 - Repeat, just take your time with everything - and get another rev flier if you can to go with you.

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